RO Plant

Commercial reverse osmosis plant removes all the impurities from water making it fit for varieties of commercial activities. Installed at commercial establishments like shopping malls and hospitals, the commercial RO Plants are considered as the most cost effective water treatment plant. It cleans the water from contaminants and removes non essential, metals, corrosive salts and chemicals present in the water.


  • Stage 1 : Removes dirt, sediment, sand and other physical particles.
  • Stage 2 : Granular Carbon Filter which reduces chlorine, odors, smell, turbidity and other chemicals from water.
  • Stage 3 : Block Carbon Filter that further reduces chlorine, odors and other chemicals.
  • Stage 4 : Reverse Osmosis Membrane in which bacteria, heavy metals, salt, bad mineral substances and other dissolved matter and chemical drugs are removed from water.
  • Stage 5 : Rear anti-bacteria activated carbon filter that improves the taste of water.